Spartan Eoin Morgan Cricket Bats

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Eoin Morgan is a brand new signing to the Spartan team and we are stocking this quality range right here at All Rounder Cricket.

The range includes:

Spartan Eoin Morgan Steel LE Cricket Bat

Construction: Super Grade 1 English Willow, expertly hand crafted by our master bat makers.

Profile: An imposing, beautifully balanced mid-range profile. With an original, full-bodied traditional style spine for all over blade performance, this bat maximises explosive power and enhances pick up for the ultimate batting experience.

Edge: The huge, constant maximum rounded edge profile, running from toe to shoulder, makes the EM Steel an imposing bat.

Bow: Slight bow which generates perfectly balanced pick up to deliver increased power.

Face: Our technology and craftsmanship provides our bats with the widest of curvature faces and a slightly raised belly, providing a MAXIMUM rebound system for power, confidence and execution. Flat wide face with slight curvature provides an even distribution across the full face of the bat; enabling precision, accuracy, power and confidence in your shot selection.

Grip: Chevron Grip

Handle: Round handle made out of 9 piece cane and rubber, which delivers optimal combination of power, control and flexibility.

Toe: Slightly square, which is designed to increase the hitting surface area whilst lowering the centre of gravity of the bat; promoting greater swing weight and power distribution. Rubber toe guard.

Weight: 2lb 8oz – 2lb 12oz

Sizes: Full Size SH 

Player Type: Elite Batsmen. With an exhaustive range of shots built upon a foundation of experience, power and precision, Elite Batsmen demand nothing but the absolute best

Also included are:

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Spartan Steel 516 Cricket Bat


Available now at All Rounder Cricket with fantastic customer service, pricing and next day delivery option.