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RapidArm Ball Thrower
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Cricket Ball Throwers

Level up your batting practice! These training aids are aimed to emulate bowlers, whilst making it immaculately easy for the user to help benefit their training partner. One person can throw to another for hours on end!

The new RapidArm is a cutting-edge thrower boasting a range of impressive features, including five adjustable throwing arm lengths ranging from 35cm to 55cm. Beginners can enjoy speeds starting from 80 kph, while seasoned players can challenge themselves with speeds of up to 160 kph

We also stock the popular SIdeArm range used by professional coaches throughout the cricketing world. Also suitable for fielding/catching drills. Using the Sidearm Elite with practice, skilled coaches can generate deliveries of over 85mph with all the swing and seam of a pro bowler. Whereas with the Sidearm Club Pace, Bounce, swing and seam can easily be generated from the full length of the pitch, making it well suited to beginners. Sidearms are also suitable for fielding/catching drills.