Spartan Cricket Bats

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Spartan Cricket Bats

Spartan Cricket Bats - BRAND NEW 2017 RANGE - All Rounder Cricket

Having taken the cricketing world by storm in 2013 the Spartan brand confirmed itself as a world leader over the 2014, 2015 and 2016 seasons with their range of huge cricket bats and superlative batting pads and other cricket softs. Now they push into 2017 with even more high quality bats to scare opposition bowlers.Already boasting incredible stars like Michael Clarke and Chris Gayle the powerhouse Spartan recruited Indian Captain & Wicketkeeping legend MS Dhoni over the summer and his range has proved incredibly popular already. With hard hitting Aussie Mitchell Johnson joining as an ambassador too this really is a force to watch out for.

All the Spartan Cricket Bats are hand made and chosen by Michael Clarke. Having been the first cricket retailer in the UK to back the Spartan Revolution it is no wonder that we are the first choice for the best cricket bats around and one of the key reasons that there will soon be a Spartan Cricket Bat in every changing room across the UK. Spartan cricket bats have been hand selected by Test players across the World for how super light but thick and chunky the bats are. They have particularly light pick ups across the Spartan range due to the excellent quality wood and craftsmanship put into each and every Spartan Cricket Bat.

Eoin Morgan is a brand new signing to Spartan and included in the Steel Cricket Bat range.

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