Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bats

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2024 Kookaburra Bubble 3 Star Cricket Bat
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Kookaburra Bubble Bats

The Kookaburra Bubble cricket bat range returns for 2024, updated with new visions of its original graphics, making it a coveted item both for players and collectors.

The Bubble range is designed to meet the demands of powerful stroke play,  featuring a sweet spot approximately 210 to 240mm from the toe, edge thickness of around 34mm plus, and a round edge and face profile. The standard toe profile, spine height of about 65mm to 67mm, scallop of 1mm to 2mm, and a bow of 10mm to 12mm, along with an oval handle, contribute to its balanced feel and performance. It also comes with a ‘Hexa’ grip.

The Kookaburra Bubble bat is popular for its excellent weight distribution and for being one of the best-looking cricket bats on the market. With a unique retro-modern aesthetic, the Kookaburra Bubble draws on the brand’s heritage while being fully equipped to meet contemporary cricketing needs. It features specially designed thickened edges to produce a larger sweet spot and hitting area, aimed at players who want to make big shots. This bat leverages Kookaburra's Big Edge and Super Spine technology to enhance its performance, particularly in distance hitting.