Kippax Cricket Bats Reviews & History

 We're delighted to be stocking Kippax cricket bats again online and instore in Leeds & Sheffield. Kippax is our local bat manufacturer with their warehouse just down the road from our head office in West Yorkshire, but they have a global reputation for quality. We thought we'd explain more about their brand and why they stand out in such a competitive market...

Who are the cricket bat manufacturers Kippax?

Founded by former Yorkshire batsman Peter Kippax, 48 years ago in 1976, it remains a family business with Peter's son Chris Kippax now at the helm.

What sets the brand apart is that they are the only bat manufacturer with their own private woodlands and are planting the cricket bat-producing willow trees every year in Knaresborough and Thorpe Underwood. These regions are fertile territory for cultivating bats from the ground up, with an abundance of low-lying fields with clean running streams, in which willow trees grow best. The trees are then cared for and cultivated by hand organically and in a sustainable environment. It is a lengthy but ultimately rewarding process, with the sapling planted at 4-5 years of age and then grown for a further 15+ years until it's big enough to fell, and then the bat-making process can properly begin!

Kippax Cricket Bat willow planting

Once ready to be felled the trunks are cut into 30-inch lengths and the splitting process can begin, ensuring each one is split from the central point of the trunk where the initial sapling was planted, this ensures the cleft is going with the grain for the finished bat. Once split the sections are industrially cut into the final raw cleft shape, waxed and then stacked for air drying in Kippax's of the art heat kiln until they reach 10% moisture.

The clefts then face quality checks for their structural integrity before being shaved into their distinctive bat shapes and specifications. Followed by handle fitting and adding the finishing touches of stickers and grips to the completed bats. 

Cricket Bat Manufacturing clefts

Why are Kippax bats so popular?

This process from copse to crease, where they have full control of their willow supply ensures that quality is maintained to the highest levels through every aspect of the bat manufacturing process, which results in a great value-for-money level of quality in the finished product.

Reviews will often state that the bats are deceptively light and have a great feel for such hefty-looking bats. Another common feature of Kippax cricket bat reviews is mentions of how big the sweet spot feels and how forgiving the face is. With the style often suggested as being best suited to attacking players.

Who uses Kippax Cricket bats?

Jonny Bairstow is the latest professional to join the legion of players using Kippax, with the England hero throwing the full weight of his popularity behind the brand as an ambassador. Ahead of the 2024 T20 Men's Cricket World Cup he said: "It’s an absolute privilege to be back with Kippax. They put a bat in my hands as a young lad growing up in Yorkshire, and it’s incredible to be using their top-flight equipment again at this stage of my career."

Bairstow Kippax Cricket Bat

Kippax's quality has also found fans in Lancashire's captain and run-machine Keaton Jennings, Rishi Patel, Matthew Potts and even Prince William has been spotted wielding a Kippax bat! The former England captain Graham Gooch voted the Kippax Colossus Cricket bat, with its longer handle and shorter blade, as his favourite when reviewing a range of options. 

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