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Cricket Bats

Information for customers on Cricket Bats from All Rounder Cricket Equipment:-

Cricket bats are generally made from willow (salix caerulea) which is one of the softest kinds of wood available in the world. Every piece of wood in your home, is likely to be much harder, stronger and tougher than the wood that makes cricket bat willow.

The reason cricket bat willow is most suitable for cricket bats is that it has a light, fibrous, nature which provides natural resilience and durability to the bat.

After the drying of the willow cleft to produce the optimum moisture content for the bat's durability, it is then roughly shaped and the handle fitted to the cricket bat. The final shaping and balancing of Spartan cricket bats is performed by master bat craftsman making this a very specialist art.

Being the largest cricket equipment and bat supplier in Yorkshire you are guaranteed a huge selection of cricket bats and equipment both in our huge store and website.

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Cricket Equipment

Information for customers on cricket equipment at All Rounder Cricket.

All Rounder specialises in supplying all types of cricket equipment ranging from cricket bags to body protection to helmets to batting pads and batting gloves. All Rounder is also one of the largest stockists in the world of Adidas Cricket Shoes and Asics Cricket Shoes. Below is a comprehensive list of all equipment we supply to our customers with a link to view the equipment range:-

Batting Pads

Batting Gloves

Cricket Bags

Cricket Helmets

Adidas Cricket Shoes

Asics Cricket Shoes

Body Protection

Cricket Clothing


Wicket Keeping

Cricket Accessories

Coaching Equipment

We realise here at All Rounder Cricket that your equipment is an essential part of your game. We carry 1000s of lines of  Cricket Equipment in Yorkshire at any one time at some of the most discounted prices in the World. We also regularly run a cricket equipment sale which includes multiple lines of cricket bats, cricket shoes and cricket equipment, all in the cricket sale.

New to our cricket equipment range is the Spartan Cricket Equipment. The Spartan cricket equipment and Spartan Wicketkeeping equipment are used by Test cricket players such as Michael Clarke, Matt Prior and Chris Gayle. Spartan cricket equipment is proving to be one of the most popular selling cricket equipment brands on the UK cricket market.

One of the most exciting additions to our cricket range is the Paceman Bowling Machine. This is an affordable bowling machine at just £345 for use in back gardens, Schools and Clubs. The bowling machine also comes with specialist bowling machine balls from Paceman Bowling Machines.

Also look out for our cricket equipment sale section with various bats and products and discounted prices throughout the year. Our cricket equipment sale is usually prominent from July onwards on our cricket store.

Cricket Teamwear

All Rounder Cricket not only supply cricket bats and cricket equipment but also a huge range of Cricket Teamwear. All Rounder is the only supplier of Adidas cricket teamwear to Cricket Clubs in the UK and now provides a first class teamwear service to over 250 Cricket Clubs across the whole of the UK from our base in Leeds, Yorkshire.

All Rounder can offer both Adidas and Gray Nicolls Teamwear.

All Rounder provides a Club Shop facility meaning no hassle or administration for Cricket Clubs. Garments can be ordered from the teamwear section of this website and sent directly to the individuals home.

For more information on our cricket teamwear range please email Matt Murray on matt@allrounderteamwear.com

Cricket Sale

All Rounder Cricket periodically offer a Cricket Sale on selected cricket bats and cricket equipment. Our sales usually occur at the end of the cricket season or mid way through the cricket season. Please keep checking back for equipment and bats in our cricket sale. Here are the cricket equipment products that are usually in our end of season cricket sale:-

Adidas Cricket Shoes

Asics Cricket Shoes

Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Masuri Helmets

Aero P2 Strippers

Spartan Cricket Equipment

Spartan Cricket Bats

Puma Cricket Bats

Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

GM Cricket Bats

Kookaburra Cricket Bags

Cricket Helmets

Information for customers on Cricket Helmets from All Rounder Cricket Equipment:-

At All Rounder we always bring you the latest in protective equipment and with a good quality offering of helmets including the Masuri and Shrey Brand New ranges for 2015, you can walk to the crease knowing you will have full protection no matter the speed of ball you are facing.

All of our brands bring you the comfort and safety you expect throughout the entire season and beyond. We only offer products which comply fully with the British Standards Institute, at All Rounder your wellbeing is paramount and we always put safety first for our customers as much as possible. All of our ranges are fully adjustable and rigid helmets to withstand great force with their technically enhanced structures.

From the Masuri 2015 range we are currently offering the Vision Series X-Line Helmet, Vision Series Test Cricket Helmet, Vision Series Elite Cricket Helmet and the Vision Series Club Cricket Helmet

From the Shrey 2015 range we are including the Master Class Cricket Hemet with Titanium Grill, Pro Guard Cricket Helmet with Titanium Grill and the Pro Guard Wicketkeeping Cricket Helmet.


Also Gunn and Moore bring you the Purist Geo Cricket Helmet and the Icon Geo Cricket Helmet, both brand new and available in the 2015 model range. 

Cricket Bags

Kookaburra Cricket 2015 #GAMEON

We have a huge range of Cricket Bags now available at All Rounder Cricket Store in anticipation for the new 2015 season. With brand new ranges from the likes of Kookaburra, Gunn and Moore, Gray Nicolls and Spartan it may well be worth thinking of upgrading that mouldy bag ready for netting in the New Year.

Let’s take a look at some of the ranges in greater detail right now.

Kookaburra Cricket Bags

The bestselling range in Cricket goes from strength to strength.

Take a look at some of the great features included with these bags:

Footwear Lock – A specialised internal compartment especially made for shoes which stops them from damaging any of your other cricket equipment.

Pockets – A mixture of internal and external pockets to allow fantastic accessibility at all times.

Airmesh – Using fantastic technology with rubber air vents allow the bags to stay fresher for longer reducing odours with the improving airflow system.

Exbat – An outside sleeve section allows the cricket bat to be positioned away from your other items giving superb protection at all times.

Heavy Wheels – Robust wide guage wheels which will not only last the test of time but provide a much smoother and less noisy ride.

Inbat – With a padded strengthened compartment providing unparalleled safety with enough room for up to 3 cricket bats.

If you would like to take a look at some of the Kookaburra Cricket Bags available on our site then the links are readily available below:

2015 Kookaburra Pro Players Cricket Bag

2015 Kookaburra Pro Combi Cricket Bag

2015 Kookaburra Pro 800 Cricket Bag

2015 Kookaburra Pro 600 Cricket Bag

2015 Kookaburra Pro Players Duffle Cricket Bag


Gunn and Moore Cricket 2015

With one of the biggest names in cricket you are in safe hands with regards to your cricket equipment choices moving forward into the 2015 season. As a frontrunner with regards to the latest in technology, GM always provide excellent items which are fantastic value for money.

Let’s have a look at what is available with these products:

Wheelie System – Choices from the Integrated Two Tone All Terrain as well as the Integrated All Terrain to provide state of the art technology making everything easier when travelling with the bag in question.

Fabric – Using 1680 Denier Polyester and 600 Denier Polyester you know the quality of your cricket bag will be of the very highest order especially with the “Wheelie” and “Duffle” version of the GM products.

Pockets – Including the revolutionary standalone system, shoe tunnel, integrated bat pocket, zipped side pockets, under lid pocket, zipped end pocket and a feature which has proved to be very popular is the integrated wallet/keys/mobile pouch. No shortage of pockets to protect all of your cricket equipment and accessories.

Zips & Straps – Carry or adjustable shoulder straps as well as heavy duty zips and the rust proof GM designer zip. The anti-scuff corner protection has been a huge hit across the board.

For those who would like to delve further into the range please take a look at a selection of the following Gunn and Moore Cricket Bags:

Gunn and Moore Original Duplex Wheelie Cricket Bag

Gunn and Moore Original Easi Load Wheelie Cricket Bag

Gunn and Moore Original 5 Star Wheelie Cricket Bag

Gunn and Moore Original Duffle Bag


Gray Nicolls Cricket 2015

Gray Nicolls return with a luggage range which provides a stylish, lightweight range of bags that are practical, hard-wearing and intended for all echelons of cricket. Innovative design maximising storage space in compact size bags and with matchless zip design creates large partitions for all items of kit. Space saving and easier to carry, the Duffle Bag group accommodates all players from our international stars to the up and coming junior participants. A complete selection of junior equipment has been created to offer a choice of colours and types.

Some of the features included are:

Pockets – With the Legend Holdall having an incredible 10 pockets and others up to 8, you certainly have space and value for money with the GN bags.

Design – Stand up units available, padded bat pockets with premium quality stamped all over the Gray Nicolls cricket equipment.

Wheels – Premium quality wheels with an anti-scuff material to provide hard wearing support for numerous uses.

Isolated Area – With an isolated shoe area it is possible to keep the odours and damp away from your other equipment to keep your items at their best quality for longer periods.

If you are interested in looking further into this equipment then take a look at some of the items below:

2015 Gray Nicolls Legend Cricket Bag

2015 Gray Nicolls Omega XRD Cricket Bag

2015 Gray Nicolls Pro Performance Cricket Bag

2015 Gray Nicolls Impact Pro Cricket Bag


Spartan Cricket 2015

Spartan return with a special junior bag from the MS Dhoni (MSD) range.

The features included are:

Waterproof - External Material on the zipped side pocket, large opening ready for all weather.

End Pocket - which will provide space for Shoes or keep items at a low temperature.

Internal Storage - for general cricket equipment.

Handle - at the end of the product for easy moving.

A second to none high quality wheel system.

Heavy-duty runners system.

Handle to carry the bag.

This bag is currently available below:

2015 Spartan MSD Junior Cricket Bag


New Balance Cricket 2015

Brand New stock from New Balance is now available here at All Rounder Cricket Store. These units will fly off the shelves and are always highly popular with our new and returning customers.

We are currently stocking the following:

New Balance Jumbo Trolley Cricket Bag

New Balance Club Wheelie Cricket Bag

New Balance Junior Wheelie Cricket Bag


Cricket Equipment and Bats | All Rounder Cricket Equipment Store


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