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All Rounder Cricket Wooden Bat Mallet
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Cricket Bat Oil
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Knocking In
Bat Repair
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Bat Refurbishment
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Match Ready
Protective Facing
Kookaburra Fibreglass Tape
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8 Items

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All kinds of cricket bat repairs from our in house Bat Doctor including knocking in service, bat refurbishment and a general bat repair. Cricket Bats can be sent in via post or brought in to store to be repaired. Most repairs can be processed within 7 days.

The All Rounder Bat Doctor is one of the best in the cricket world having worked in cricket for many years.

There aren't many cricket bats he cannot repair or refurbish. The knocking in service is very professional and the Bat repair doctor knocked in 2500 bats in 2021 alone. It is considered one of the best services in cricket.