Feed Buddy

The Feed Buddy Automatic Cricket Feed Machine means you can practise your batting alone for hours without a teammate or Mum or Dad throwing inaccurate feeds to you! Works with tennis balls or light bowling machine balls and can be used to practise all types of cricket shots.

  • Provides accurate feeds for hours allowing you to perfect different shots
  • Battery powered so can be used anywhere (4 x D batteries)
  • Used with tennis balls, sponge balls or light bowling machine balls
  • Appropriate for any age or ability to groove shots over and over again alone
  • Comes with a ball feeder so you can stack 10 balls in that shoot out every 5 seconds
  • Gentle feed that travels 3-4m every time and is very accurate
  • 4 settings for closer or longer feed

The Feed Buddy is perfect for the garden or at Cricket Clubs. A must for every young aspiring cricketer or that batsman who wants to improve their technique.