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New Balance Cricket Bats

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18 Item(s)

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The New Balance TC and DC Cricket Bat Australia range - NEW FOR 2018/19 - Play like the pro's with a New Balance professional player quality willow Limited Edition bat

From it's introduction to cricket 3 years ago, up until now, New Balance have made rapid strikes in becoming a cricket superpower, signing the world's best batsman as well as being a must have for cricketers all over Australia. The New Balance range is endorsed by some of the world's best cricketers including Joe Root, Gary Balance, David Miller, Colin Munro and many more:

England batsman Joe Root has developed himself in to one of the world's best batsman. His choice of New Balance kit for the 2018/19 season is the new  2018/19TC range. Joe will be using the New Balance TC 1260 Collection and you will be able to purchase New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bats, New Balance Batting Pads and New Balance Batting Gloves to look exactly like one of the world's best batmsan

Our collection will include the following products:

New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bats, New Balance TC 860 Cricket Bats, New Balance TC 660 Cricket Bats, New Balance TC 560 Cricket Bats and New Balance TC 360 Cricket Bats

Developing into one of the finest brands in cricket, New Balance is getting ther ecognition they deserve with cricketers young and old using their equipment all over Australia.

These products boast all the innovative features of a superb cricket product in a fast paced, ever evolving atmosphere. Including thick edges, light pick ups for all round performance and are made of a superb standard of English Willow.

In addition NB have also released superb products including Batting Pads, Batting Gloves, Cricket Shoes & new for 2016 a range of Cricket Bags.

New Balance DC Collection

The New Balance DC Collection is BRAND NEW to All Rounder Cricket ready for the 2018/19 season. Used by New Zealand Batsman Colin Munro.

Using only the finest English Willow along with a Low Swell, Large Edges and Sweetspot you will be able to play all the shots around the ground just like the great players all around the world using this fantastic cricket equipment. 

Our collection will include the following products:

New Balance DC 1080 Cricket Bat, New Balance DC 880 Cricket, Bat New Balance DC 680 Cricket Bat, New Balance DC 580 Cricket Bat and New Balance DC 380 Cricket Bat.

Also in addition to the Bats, look out for the New Balance DC Batting Pads, New Balance DC Batting Gloves and much more as we move towards the 2018/19 season.

New Balance bats have become particularly popular in Grade Cricket, especially in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Darwin.