Speed Buddy Cricket Bowling Machine

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Feed Buddy PRO – Automatic Cricket Feed Machine
Feed Buddy PRO – Automatic Cricket Feed Machine
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The Speed Buddy Bowling Machine is the new addition to the Feed Buddy family and  comes at the most competitive price of any bowling machine on the market.

Using two internal wheels to propel the ball and providing extremely accurate feeds up to 55mph/90kph.

The Speed Buddy simulates bowling and can be used with a coach feeding the balls or alone with our automatic feeder included. With its automatic system the Cricket Speed Buddy releases a ball every 6-8 seconds so any age or ability of cricketer can train alone. Repeat shots or simply groove technique with the new Speed Buddy.

Perfect for the garden, drive, house or cricket club! It can be setup with the feed buddy garden net too, to keep those shots contained. A must for every serious batsmen who can now train without needing a coach or parent present.