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The choice of England Test Cricket Captain Alastair Cook.

Gray Nicolls have yet again produced a fantatic range of bags for the 2017 season to cater for all cricketers needs!


With the addition of some fantastic new bags including the Predator 3 1500, XP1 1000 and the Legend Duffle, along with the continuation of the very popular bags from last year including the Supernova Duffle, GN1000 and Prestige. Whether it's a Large wheelie bag, small duffle bag or anything inbwtween Gray Nicolls is guranteed to have the bag for you.


Wheelie Bags

Test - NEW FOR 2017

Predator 3 - NEW FOR 2017


Supernova 900 


Velocity XP 1 1000  - NEW FOR 2017

Velocity XP11 500 - NEW FOR 2017

Predator 3 300 - NEW FOR 2017

Duffle Bags

Legend Duffle -- NEW FOR 2017

Supernova Duffle

Predator 3 Pro Duffle - NEW FOR 2017

GN1000 Duffle

Atomic 500 Duffle

Predator 3 100 Duffle - NEW FOR 2017

Velocity XP 1 100 Duffle - NEW FOR 2017

With huge stock levels,speedy delivery and fantastic customer service All Rounder Cricket is the place to shop for this fantastic range of bags.